Evenconect global group will report in written oral statements made by one or more speakers in one or more languages.

Transcription is a process by which words recorded in audio or video are converted in a written document. It is quite long and difficult to transcribe a document, because transcribing a speech takes much more time than it takes for the person to talk. It is necessary to listen to the soundtrack six seven times before the written text is completed.

Audio Transcription
Overall group evenconect offers a professional transcription service from the most commonly used physical or digital media, in French or any other language. We offer verbatim transcripts (word for word), reformulated or summarised.

Video Transcription
For video transcriptions, we can manage the time code to prepare the translation, dubbing or subsequent subtitling.

Transcription and translation
Audio and video transcriptions in all languages.
Naturally, these transcripts may result, if necessary, in a translation into one or more languages.
Audiovisual translation – Dubbing – Subtitling
The success and distribution of films, cartoons and video games depend largely on a good translation and an appropriate dubbing of the original versions. Our team of translators and graphic designers worked for variou television channels and dubbing and subtitling agencies, and therefore they have an extensive experience in the field of audiovisual translation.

Audiovisual services we offer include:

– Translation of movie scenarios, cartoons, advertisement, video games , documentaries, etc.., and the layout of the translation for subsequent dubbing in a studio.

– Creating and translating subtitles for movies, cartoons, advertisements, documentaries, etc.

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