Interpretation is the oral translation from one language to another.
There are several types of interpretation methods, depending on the situation and the requirements of communication.

Simultaneous translation
This type of interpretation is used in bilingual or even multilingual meetings before a large number of participants. It is performed in booths where are at least two interpreters taking shifts every thirty minutes. It requires equipment (booths, headsets, microphones and sound systems, etc …).

A customised service
Seminar Conference Meeting Presentation Symposium, Congress
Teleconference Room, Forum, Exhibition

Multiple languages available
Consecutive translation
Consecutive interpretation is performed mainly in small meetings and bilateral meetings. In general, the interpreter is sitting near the speaker and reproduces word for word his whole speech, sentence by sentence. Consecutive interpretation does not require equipment.

Whispering interpretation
It is a simultaneous translation for a dialogue involving more than two people. The interpreter listens to the speaker and translates to the “ear” of the person to whom the speech is addressed.

Liaison interpreting services
It is a method whereby the interpreter is among participants and translates, sentence by sentence, the words of the different speakers. This method is ideal for business negotiations.

A well controlled sound system and adequate microphones are the basis of a good hearing comfort for the participants.

Facility for a meeting in which all participants can speak. The DCN (Digital Congress Network) is a highly scalable digital system. It offers all the digital related possibilities:

Speech turn-taking management.
Participants identification.
Talk time management.
Simultaneous translation management.

The team is composed of audiovisual technicians. They are trained to install the necessary equipment for simultaneous translation, sound system, multimedia … and are highly experienced in this area. They know the tricks and difficulties and can react very quickly if needed. They are very autonomous and yet they know how to help each other. They are quiet, discreet and respectful. Because of their readiness to respond without any stress the tranquillity you need is preserved.


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